Mahyoobah Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd is a solid waste management and EPR servicing company in Kerala. It registered as a Startup company under Kerala Startup Mission, Govt. of Kerala to provide solid waste management solutions in South India.

Mahyoobah Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was established as a private limited company in 2009 under the proprietorship of Mr. Kunjabdulla. He is a highly inspired social entrepreneur and is well trained and in reprocessing, blending, deforming, and distribution of plastic materials and other solid wastes.

Our founder and CEO, Mr. Kunjabdulla thoroughly studied the hazardous consequences of environmental pollution that the waste materials, especially plastics, are producing. He actively advocated the importance of a holistic, complete solid waste management solution for society, and ultimately began this enterprise.

Our company collects all kinds of solid waste and send it to the right destinations for recycling. Thereby we ensure the maximum recovery of collected waste.

We also buy & collect recyclable plastic materials all over Kerala. All the collected plastics are sorted according to the Resin Identification Code (RIC) and granulated to High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). These granules are sent to the plastic products manufacturing companies in Gujarat, Mumbai, etc.

We promote an environment-friendly, and cost-effective method of recovering and renovating waste materials as a resource. We do so through an integrated system including waste reprocessing, innovative technology, customer service, and education.

From collected food waste we produce composts and manure and use them for the cultivation of organic food products. We sell the cultivated product to the public.

We promote organic food cultivators by buying their products and sell them in the market.

The promoters of the company have more than 10 years of experience in waste management and plastic recycling processes; thus we are specialists in this field. We act as a waste management consultancy to many institutions and provide awareness classes to the public to create a waste management culture in society.

The head office of Mahyoobah Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd is situated in Kanjangad and we have branches in Kannur and Kasargod.

The main goal of Mahyoobah Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is to reduce the amount of solid waste accumulated in our ecosystem through proper waste management solutions.

Our projects are operated by a team of dedicated people through support and guidance from the local authorities. We have a mobile app named “BETO” to coordinate the work of the team members. Very soon this app will be available to the public.

If you or your organization is generating bulk solid waste to the environment then connect with us to ensure that your brand produces zero waste to the environment.


1. Improve the quality of life of people in our society through proper waste management solutions.

2. Reprocess the waste on its best level.

3. Transform our business from burning the waste to utilizing the waste as a resource and eliminate the need for waste trenching ground gradually.

4. Make compost and manure from food waste and use it for the cultivation of organic food products.


1. Collect, segregate and recycle the solid waste in houses, municipalities, panchayats, industrial units, hospitals, etc.

2. Introduce a highly developed system for waste management by integrating modern technology, customer service, and education.

3. Increase the production and sales of organic vegetables and fruits cultivated using compost and manure produced through food waste.

3. Reduce the amount of waste accumulated in our ecosystem by creating a waste management culture among the public.





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Customer Service

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As a socially committed entrepreneurship, we adopted the position of absolute hygiene for society.

To sustain the development of the environment and to improve the quality of life of society, our organization is committed to continuous improvement.

To reduce the pollution in the environment by the collection and disposal of waste.

To conserve the resources through reprocessing, reuse, and repair of the collected waste material.

To spearheading the tree planting activities across the state.

To provide awareness about green protocol in public places in order to reduce waste.

To promote the use of manure produced by decomposing food waste for cultivation.

To work in compliance with environmental rules/regulations.


1.Presented Haritha Sahaya Stapanam at Haritha Kerala Mission.

2.Service Provider for Zero waste management of Kerala Suchitwa Mission.

3.Chairman of high-tech waste handling Trust managed by Taliparamba Municipality.

4.Removed 20 lakh kg of plastic waste during Covid-19.

5.We were able to provide employment to various unskilled labours mostly women.



Founder & Managing Director

Muhammed Azharuddeen U.K
Muhammed Azharuddeen U.K

Administrative Officer

Dr TD John
Dr. TD John

Principal (Retired)
Govt. College of Engineering, Kannur

Dr Sampath Kumar
Dr. Sampath Kumar

Director Research
Christ College of Engineering Irinjalakkuda

Abdul majeed pc
Abdul Majeed PC

Administrative Officer

Vineesh Velutholy

Project Manager

Amith Roy
Amith Roy

Accounts manager

Our company’s current employee strength is 150. This includes 8 people at the managerial level and nearly 140 Haritha Karma Sena members, who engaged in waste management. We are expecting to grow in the coming years.

Haritha Keralam Mission, Suchitwa Mission, and Clean Kerala Company are the authorities organizing the activities for a garbage-free Kerala. The Kudumbashree Mission also works with this by providing Haritha Karma Sena members for the collection and management of waste .

The Haritha Karma Sena collects waste materials from houses, institutions, and organizations. The waste is then shifted to the trenching ground. At the trenching ground, the waste is segregated. Whatever can be reprocessed and recycled is exported to the assigned plants.


Beto Mobile app is developed by Kanhangad Municipality in collaboration with Mahyoobah Eco solutions Pvt Ltd for the treatment of inorganic waste. Through this App, we have collected 750 tonnes of inorganic waste in the last 10 months. Currently, the app is used by Haritha Karma Sena workers and employees of the garbage collection vehicle. The app's service will be available to the public soon. Inorganic wastes like plastic, shoes, bags, and bottles are now being collected through this app. It collects waste in all the 43 wards of the Kanhangad municipality.

Haritha Karma Sena activists will send a message through the app for waste collection. The message will include the time and the day of collection of the waste. The waste collected by the Haritha Karma Sena activists on the roadside is then transported by vehicle to the waste disposal center at Chemmattamvayal. Through the app, the driver can know exactly where on the road the garbage is stored by the Haritha Karmasena. For this, the vehicle has a GPRS facility. Through this app, the concerned persons can understand the exact number of kilos of waste collected from each ward every month. In addition, it can also be used to identify those who do not provide waste. In addition to the call center app, there are special call sensors for waste collection. Currently, 11,000 houses are registered. The municipality has a total of 27,000 houses. A large percentage of these households are uninhabited. Soon food waste and other wastes, including cloths will be collected.