Are you searching for a waste management service for your Company or a Business in Kerala? Take a resolution in 2021 to make Your Business a Zero Waste producing one. We, Mahyoobah Eco Solutions Private Limited help you to maintain a clean and green environment at your home or at your company or business. Bulk Waste Generators such as Hospitals, Institutions, Hotels, industrial units, shopping malls, Restaurants, and Offices can contact us for a permanent waste management service. We offer you customized & hassle-free Waste Management services.


Waste comes along with every product that we purchase. Household waste includes substances like plastic covers, meats, fish, bones, vegetables, fruits, used battery cells, paper, food wastes, etc. Various kinds of wastes are generated by residents.

People segregate waste and keep it aside and later it handed over to the Haritha Karma Sena members when they come for collecting waste.

We regularly collect all kinds of waste from almost 21000 houses and move them to the trenching area. From there we segregate the waste and send it to the assigned plants for recycling.

Mahyoobah Eco Solutions have a clear understanding of how residential people can be navigated towards establishing the best residential waste management services. It involves close coordination with all stakeholders including property managers, residents welfare associations, residence volunteers, housekeeping teams, and maintenance staff. We use our mobile App BETO for the better co-ordination of all these works.


Government offices, corporate organizations, and tech parks comprise a great portion of our clients. Mahyoobha eco-solutions help the business entities with the disposal of essential office waste. We work with various departments of our client's teams on proper waste management. We conduct awareness programs to the employees to make sure that a proper waste management system is working in their organization. Our expert team visit the site and give the necessary advice on minimizing the waste and proper waste management solution for safe garbage disposal and junk removal.

We provide apt bins to your commercial entity. According to the type of waste we can store the waste in each of the colored bins. Using separate bins for recyclable goods, plastics, paper, cardboard, and food waste makes it easy to separate the waste according to their type.

We are planning to build a Biodigester plant so that the food waste also can be treated. We usually recommend or make compost from the food waste. By doing this, the waste is being separated before it is sent to the recycling or disposal plant itself.

Food-related businesses can think of the energy production / of biogas plant units along with the establishment entity so that they can reduce the amount of waste ended up in the landfill.

There is a greater chance of accumulating bulk waste during celebrations or parties in the office / the business entity. In such situations, your organization can follow green protocol rules and give awareness programs to the members or employees on using bins and proper disposal of waste.


In industries lots of hazardous chemicals are made as a result of production. So it is very important to safely remove and dispose of the waste. If not properly removed and disposed of it may pollute our water, atmosphere and also the land.

Concrete, dirt, scrap metal, gravel, oil, chemicals,tumblr, scrap, solvents, all included in industrial waste. Industrial waste can be hazardous or non-hazardous waste in the form of solid, liquid or gas.

toxic, combustible, abrasive, radioactive or reactive types of waste should be handled with at most care.

Our major industry clients include welding units, apparel units and food industries.

We collect scrap irons from the welding units and are being exported to the units who use secondary iron in their production process.

A major portion of our industrial waste comprises waste from the textile industry. Lots of small apparel units work in Kerala and so the amount of textile waste produced annually is apparently high. We recycle these textile waste and make useful items like blankets, carpets, floor mat etc.

A major portion of our industrial waste comprises waste from the textile industry. Lots of small apparel units work in Kerala and so the amount of textile waste produced annually is apparently high. We recycle these textile waste and make useful items like blankets, carpets, floor mat etc.


Hospital waste management, also called medical waste management is very dangerous if not treated properly. Medical waste is in need of an effective waste management. We train them to dispose the waste according to appropriate colour code bins. We treat it by chemical disinfection, and makes sure it is properly disposed.


Indian Railway has a commitment to provide hygienic environment to passengers and to keep station premises/track clean. We have removed solid waste from Kanhangad, Kannur, Palakkad Railway Station, and also from neighbouring state Tamil Nadu, Erode Railway Station. We have also provided waste bins so that the waste generation can be reduced.


Major components, like concrete, wood products, brick, tiles, steel, and drywall etc are the waste that could arise. There is a need to properly dispose such waste. We scientifically dispose this waste with our experts help. Concrete and brick can be recycled by crushing it, and can be used in concrete aggregate. Wood can be reused, repurposed, recycled, or burned as bioenergy.


We collect plastic waste from scrap dealers, clean Kerala company, public, and other organizations. The collected plastic is segregated as per the resin code and reprocessed into granules like LDPE and HDPE.We sell these granules to several plastic products manufacturing companies in North India.