The waste management and it’s further processing of Trikaripur panchayath is handled by us. Haritha karma sena of Trikaripur panchayath collects and segregates the waste at source. The commitment and hard work of HKS had led the panchayath to zero waste management. It will provide information related to collection of waste in each house and it also informs each house the day of waste collection.

The waste is being collected from 17 wards, the collected waste is segregated at the source and is taken to the waste treatment plant. Haritha karma sena also provides public awareness about green protocol and the rules and regulations to be followed on proper waste management.

From the reviews we had taken from each house it was told that haritha karma sena are so committed to their work and had no complaints. Trikaripur panchayath had adopted the position of absolute hygiene for the society.

The Haritha karma sena of trikaripur panchayath were ready to go for waste collection during this pandemic covid'19.They were very confident in their duty and they had took all the safety measures such as masks, gloves, sanitizer and social distancing.