Hospital waste management, also called medical waste management is very dangerous if not treated properly. Medical waste is in need of an effective waste management. We train them to dispose the waste according to appropriate colour code bins. We treat it by chemical disinfection, and makes sure it is properly disposed.
In India, the Biomedical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1998 make it mandatory for hospitals, clinics, and other medical and veterinary institutes to dispose of bio medical wastes strictly according to the rules.

What is the use of hospital waste management?

It decreases the dangers and risks to the communities which can be at risks due to hospitals. Decrease in the incidence of HIV/AIDS, sepsis, hepatitis, and other diseases spread by infectious medical equipment takes place by accurate waste management.

What are the types of dustbins used in hospital ?

Yellow, red, white, and blue bins are used to manage biological waste

  • YELLOW. Pathological waste. Soiled (infectious) waste.

  • RED. Contaminated waste (recyclable) As you can see, the list is much shorter than in the previous category.

  • WHITE (or translucent) Sharps waste.

  • BLUE. It is used for disposal of non-biodegradable waste.

How can we control medical waste?

  • Color code containers to help ensure appropriate separation of wastes

  • Make sure pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy agents are being disposed of appropriately

  • When possible, use reusable products in place of single-use products