Are you searching for a waste management service for your Company or a Business in Kerala? Take a resolution in 2021 to make Your Business a Zero Waste producing one. We, Mahyoobah Eco Solutions Private Limited help you to maintain a clean and green environment at your home or at your company or business. Bulk Waste Generators such as Hospitals, Institutions, Hotels, industrial units, shopping malls, Restaurants, and Offices can contact us for a permanent waste management service. We offer you customized & hassle-free Waste Management services.


Waste comes along with every product that we purchase. Household waste includes substances like plastic covers, meats, fish, bones, vegetables, fruits, used battery cells, paper, food wastes, etc. Various kinds of wastes are generated by residents. People segregate waste and keep it aside and later it handed over to the Haritha Karma Sena members when they come for collecting waste. We regularly collect all kinds of waste from almost 21000 houses and move them to the trenching area. From there we segregate the waste and send it to the assigned plants for recycling. Mahyoobah Eco Solutions have a clear understanding of how residential people can be navigated towards establishing the best residential waste management services. It involves close coordination with all stakeholders including property managers, residents welfare associations, residence volunteers, housekeeping teams, and maintenance staff. We use our mobile App BETO for the better co-ordination of all these works.

How do we reduce waste at home and the community?

Reusable water bottle, cloth bags for groceries, a coffe mug and lunch containers for work and even portable reusable cutlery and straw sets. If you are getting food delivered at home, you can choose not to have unnecessary plastic cutlery sent along with it.

What is the importance of reducing waste at home?

By reducing the amount of waste you create, you help prevent pollution and protect the environment. You also limit the amount of waste going to landfill, preserve natural resurces and save money.

How do Haritha Karma Sena collecting waste?

Celaned plastic waste collection from houses, shops. Assistance to biowaste management at home Haritha Karma Sena will collect waste paper and plastic once a month, medicine strips, toothpaste, toiletry tubes and covers every two months, e-waste six months and leather products once a year.