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Waste management of Kanjangad municipality is handling by Mahyoobah Eco Solutions private ltd. Due to the hard work and commitment of Haritha Karma Sena of Kanjangad municipality the town had become an absolutely clean city. (Samboorna Suchitwa Nagaram).. Kanjangad municipality had adopted the position of absolute hygiene for the society. There is a perfect storage center for waste which is collected from each house and shop. The waste is collected from 21000 houses among the 41 wards by HKS and is then taken to a waste treatment plant, the collected waste is separated at the source. They provide awareness about green protocol in public places in order to reduce waste. There is a separate mobile application for waste collection in Kanjangad municipality that is the 'Bet On Us' app. The BETO app had been operated by the green aid institute of Haritha Kerala mission (i.e)Mahyoobah Eco Solutions Private Ltd. The app will provide information related to the collection of waste in each house and it also informs each house when the waste is collected.