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Madikkai Panchayat in Kasargod district of Kerala.
In Madikai panchayat there are 150 biogas plants, 15 ring compost, and 6028 compost pits. 92% of the dry waste is collected by Haritha Karma Sena and taken by Mahyoobah waste management for composting. Haritha Karma Sena employs 3 volunteers who collect the plastic recyclables from each household once a month for a user fee of Rs. 30 per house. Every household has a code number with which it can be identified. The types of waste which are collected from Madikai panchayat are wet waste, plastic, dry waste, and e-waste. Let's move on to the waste collection details: 444 kilogram of wet waste is collected. 256.76 kilogram of plastic 129 kilogram of dry waste 2 kilogram of e-waste Total of 831.76 kilograms of waste had been collected from Madikai panchayat. Madikai panchayat has also faced various challenges in waste management during the pandemic covid'19. Haritha Karma Sena had taken all safety measures before entering into their duty. Hats Off to the HKS who had served the society during these corona days.