The pandemic covid'19 had played a crucial role in waste management. You would be interested to know how we worked during this critical period. It was a great challenge for this industry. When people think of waste, they will always stay away from it. Because waste will cause diseases. So what about the safety of HKS who collects waste? That was the challenge we were facing.
We send HKS to the field with all the safety measures, gloves, sanitizer, masks and they maintain social distancing too. The Haritha Karma Sena collected non-biodegradable waste from houses and establishments. All these collected wastes are sent to the shredding units for recycling. The waste is segregated into different sections based on its features. P.P, H.M White, Bulb, PVC, LDPrint, Bajar, H.M, Ganny, bottle, E-waste, steel, tubes, LD(Glucose), Bottle caps, Spray bottle, etc. Each Kudumbashree worker will visit a minimum of 250 houses to collect non-biodegradable waste. The collection will be based on the user fee. We had collected various reviews from each house related to the collection of waste. The people of Kanhangad municipality are so supportive and they never ignored HKS during this pandemic covid'19. And that is the real success of Kanhangad has been declared as a zero waste generating municipality.
During this Covid period we collected 20 lakh Kg of plastic waste from various panchayats and other institutions in Kerala and we scientifically disposed of them off.